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Explore the Ionian Islands in the months surrounding the high summer season and enjoy these incredible colors in ways you never imagined.

Action in Zakynthos

Maybe you’ve seen the  Blue Caves  or  the Zakynthos wreck … but you’ve probably never approached them by kayak! Exploring Zante shortly before or after summer is the perfect excuse to be active on vacation, whatever you decide to do: exploring the coast, donning a scuba gear (the  Keri Lake caves  are a must for divers), or rent a mountain bike to go into the hills. But the most rewarding activity is on foot: a hike to the peak of  Vrachionas , 756 meters above sea level. You’ll love the quiet village of  Gyri , two-thirds of the way there. But the real reward is at the top, with the 360° view!

Discover the Flower of the Levant

Zakynthos Blue Caves

Passage through the villages of Corfu

You don’t really need an excuse for a trip to Corfu, at the beginning or end of summer. However, in addition to the huge number of beaches and the culturally fascinating old town, we have something else for you: a tour of the villages. Across the island are scattered dozens of villages… Some are mountainous, others coastal, but all are more charming than one could say.

From the cluster of stone houses (and eight churches!) of  Palia Perithia in the northeast, to  Agios Matheos  in the southwest (a short walk from Pantokrator Monastery), the options are endless.

Lakones  (to the northwest) offers a high view of the beaches and bays of Palaiokastritsa. Sinarades (center) is the main wine producer on the island. Close by is  Pelekas , from where you can hike to the Kaiser’s Observatory and admire panoramic views.

The villages follow one another again and again…  Ano Garouna  and  Varypatades  are distant (and, for this reason, less visited); as for  Gastouri  (on the east coast), it is remarkable because of the nearby Achilleion Palace, which was built at the end of the 19th century by the Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Bavaria.

On Corfu, the most beautiful places for your Instagram

Villages of Corfu – Lakones

Chlomos village, Corfu

A little taste of Kefalonia

When you go out to eat in Kefalonia, it doesn’t take long before the conversation turns to wine. The island can be proud of its specialties, both in the field of food and drink. Its cheeses (the tangy feta, the mild white manouri and the hard kefalotiri) are rightly celebrated. You will also love the olive oil.

But it is absolutely necessary that you devote time to discovering the wines of the island. Mavrodafne is red, sweet and solid, Muscat is white and sweet… and the king of wines in Kefalonia is undoubtedly Robola, white and dry. Originally from the island, it is perfectly adapted to the slopes where the vines grow. Be sure to visit Robola Winery!

Discover Kefalonia in all its diversity


After Lefkada… discover the magic of Meganisi

A vacation wouldn’t be complete without a new discovery. So, in addition to visiting Lefkada (Lefkada), do not hesitate to go to the islands to the east of its coasts…  Meganisi ,  Kalamos  and  Kastos . A 25-minute boat ride away, Meganisi has just three villages and a population of just over a thousand people… But you won’t know where to start.

The beaches, mostly accessible on foot or by boat, rival each other in beauty – beauty from another world. Agios Ioannis ,  Fanari ,  Spilia ,  Barbarezou  and  Limonari … As for the three villages on the island,  Katomeri is the largest of them, but it is no less peaceful. Vathi  is probably the most picturesque. Finally, you will be spellbound by the groves of olive and walnut trees that surround  Spartochori .

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