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The Ionian Islands: the 22 most beautiful islands


Do you know the Ionian Islands? If the answer is no, know that they can be considered one of the most  beautiful islands  in Greece . There are many reasons to choose them over the more classic destinations: the temperatures are mild and the landscapes are green, with extensions of olive trees and cypresses, and mountains among which you can walk watching the blue sea. .

The Ionian Islands have what it takes to rival the famous Cyclades Islands. In Lefkada and Antípaxos, for example, there are some of the best beaches in Greece : those who like a slow and quiet pace can take refuge in the wildest and most remote, as an alternative to the beaches invaded by nightlife.

The sea is simply spectacular : perfect for those who enjoy rowing, diving or windsurfing. Good food lovers can also taste a wide range of fish dishes in the typical taverns, exclusive wines and other gastronomic delights .

Each island has its own particularity and deserves to be discovered more closely. The main ones, such as Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zante which, together with Kythera, form what are called the Ionian Islands. The archipelago offers many other gems, mostly mountainous and wild.

Here are the 22 most beautiful Ionian Islands where you can enjoy a break of freedom full of comfort for those who choose a Costa cruise:













Strophades Islands







Echinades Islands




The beauties of Corfu are legendary : over the centuries various poets and writers have praised it, starting with Homer who described the island as “the beautiful and rich land” . Green and mountainous to the north, it captivates the soul with its coastline and rows of cypresses, once used by the Venetians to build boats.

The old town of Corfu is one of the most charming centers in Greece and has a dense concentration of historic palaces and museums: its rich cultural heritage is due to its strategic location and the many invasions to which it has been subjected in over the centuries. The result is a complex architectural identity, with Venetian alleys, British neo-classical palaces and views reminiscent of the Parisian atmosphere.

A heritage that adds to the charm of the beaches of Corfu : the famous, very lively beaches on the north coast, and the quieter ones on the west and south sides. Some of the best things to see in Corfu , aside from the excellent restaurants, are the picturesque villages, the Canal d’amour at Sidari, the cliffs of Cape Drastis and the Byzantine fortress of Angelokastro, which overlooks the sea.

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