2023 Travel Trends

2023 Travel Trends and What Could Be In Store for 2024


With a new year comes a fresh new calendar, one presenting unlimited opportunities and the ability to daydream while planning to fill them. So, as we start a new year, travellers are back at it again, planning and preparing for a year of fresh new experiences, with new places to visit and ways to travel.

If you want to travel anywhere in 2024, here are a few of the top 2024 travel trends and some to look forward to in the coming year. This article also explores why travellers must opt for a travel insurance cover when securing their trip.

What are the top travel trends of 2024?

Ending 2024 with a bang, here are a few of the top travel trends the world witnessed in the previous year:

1.  Music tourism

2024 witnessed an incredible year for music tourism, whether it was going through the years with Taylor Swift’s whirlwind Eras tour or whether it was from other iconic stars like Doja Cat and Madonna.

2. Workcations

As the world has forever changed following the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have realised the benefits of working from home. By doing this, travellers have been able to enjoy new experiences, all while still bringing in money to support these trips.

3. Group travelling

“Together is fun!” following this motto, 2024 witnessed multiple small groups of travellers going on trips together to create lasting memories and share common experiences.

4. Experience stays

Several travellers in 2024 left behind fancy locations and immersed themselves in cultural and experiential tourism. Whether it is a magical Hogwarts castle or a mystical hobbit house, the thrill of new experiences drove the travellers in 2024.

5. Micro-cations

2024 was an incredibly fast-paced year, with many people being busy throughout. Realising this, many travellers decided to go for mini and micro-cations to relax, unwind and rejuvenate themselves before restarting the daily work or school routine.

What trends to look out for in 2024?

As we enter a new year, here are all the new travelling trends to look forward to in 2024

1. Relaxation travel

Following a fast-paced and jam-packed 2024, travellers globally look forward to relaxing and taking things slow. This year, travellers are looking to pack themselves in resorts and enjoy their downtime before work picks up again.

2. Sustainable travelling

As more and more people become conscious of humans’ impact on the planet and how the tourism industry negatively impacts it, there has been a push towards sustainable travel. Travellers can find many large travel companies providing eco and sustainable travel options.

3. Sports tourism

As the year opens with the 2024 Winter Olympics in Paris and the ICC T20 World Cup in the US and West Indies, sports tourism is expected to get a huge focus.

4. Backpackers assemble

2024 is also expected to see more backpacker travel as low-budget experiential tourism has increased recently.

Why should travellers opt for travel insurance cover?

Travelling brings about different emotions for everyone. At the same time, for some, it might be relaxation. For others, it might be to get from one place to another; for others, it might be to see something new and exciting they haven’t experienced. For all of them, there is one common thing: the need for travel medical insurance.

The world is immense, and while there are places to be and people to see, it is often fraught with risks that can lead to financial loss or hamper the well-being of travellers. This is where travellers can opt for the right international travel insurance policy to secure their trip, be protected from these risks and travel with confidence and peace of mind. Whether you are going to the USA with travel insurance for USA trip, Canada withtravel insurance for Canada, or Thailand with travel insurance for Thailand.


Whether you follow the current travel trends or are the trendsetter establishing them, exploring the world by travelling is like nothing else. Whether you are an environmentally conscious traveller looking to tour the globe sustainably or whether you are a backpacking traveller on a shoestring budget, explore the world on your terms with the right travel insurance plan for your needs.

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