Activities on Maui, Hawaii

16 Must-Do Activities on Maui, Hawaii


I stayed on this dream island for seven days, which flew by at lightning speed. If you have more time in front of you, take it! It’s simply paradise on this island in the  Hawaiian  archipelago. HEAVEN. Promised! It stands out well from its sidekick, the island of Oahu (although also superb) with its sublime landscapes, its sometimes isolated beaches and its winding roads which make it possible to go around in a truly exceptional way. When you go to Maui, it’s usually for nature and the variety of outdoor activities. There is a lot to do and being a hiking and road trip lover , I found my account there!

See 16 activities below that will make you discover the island and its unmissable gems!

#1. Makena Cove Secret Beach

This so-called secret beach is the first place I visited when leaving the airport. I had been on the island of Oahu for over a week, so the day I made the short flight between the two islands, I was already fit, jet lag free and ready to explore the terrain. Makena Cove is a natural gem devoid of tourists in southwest Maui. It should not be confused with its sister, Makena Beach, further north and better known. This tiny beach crescent is absolutely perfect. It’s hard to swim in due to the rocks in the water, but for a photo op and soaking up the Maui vibe , it’s a great spot. This beach is also known to be a place of choice for wedding photos!

Makena Cove Secret Beach

#2. Big Beach

Just steps from Makena Cove is Beach Big. Probably the most popular of Maui’s beaches. Contrary to what I thought, it was not crowded with tourists when I went there. In fact, none of the tourist spots on the island were really crowded, unlike what I saw on the island of Oahu. Maui’s vibe is much more relaxed.

Big Beach

# 3. The Kihei Sunset

No one goes to Maui, Hawaii, without admiring the sunsets. In summer, they occur very early (around 6 p.m.). It was the perfect moment for me and my boyfriend to go to the grocery store just before, find an economical meal, a small beer and finally, settle down on a stretch of beach to watch this free show. It is absolutely necessary to put this daily activity on the agenda. It’s in my top 3 most memorable sunsets of my life, along with Costa Rica and California .

The Kihei Sunset in Maui, Hawaii

# 4. Dragon’s Teeth

The formation of Dragon’s Teeth is fascinating. On the small peninsula of Makaluapuna in the northwest of the island, this rock formation gives the impression that the teeth of a dragon have remained frozen to the ground following a volcanic eruption. It is said that it was the waves and the strong winds that caused the lava to cool and thus form huge rocky points on the ground, where today the waves crash. The explosion of the waves around Dragon’s Teeth is frankly impressive.

Dragon’s Teeth

# 5. Nakalele Blowhole

Continuing your journey north, the path will take yt like a Geiser . The movement of the waves compresses the water which is then released through this orifice. The shou to this unusual place. A hole in the rock formation at the edge of the ocean causes the water to shoot ouow is quite spectacular and let’s face it, refreshing! Be very careful because it explodes very hard and far without warning!

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