Karama Dubai

5 Ideal Spots to Explore in Karama Dubai


Indeed, Karama is known as the soul of Dubai; hence, every tourist prefer visiting it and make his/her trip more ideal, so you should also plan to visit such an amazing place and bring back lots of great memories. This neighborhood is the life’s microcosm in Dubai as it owns both homes and businesses, so don’t skip this phenomenal attraction.

There, you find people of different cultures living happily and the amazing streets full of activities attracting every tourist. The local feel there gets you more amazed, so having a visit of this destination is essential for you. Moreover, around karama, you find dozens of interesting places to visit, so plan it precisely; thus, you make the most out of karama’s visit. This blog really guides you about making your tour of Karama more incredible and the one you remember forever, so check the spots you are about to discover there.

1-Karama Market

This market is very famous as the most affordable shopping spot for everyone, so you should also go there and get the amazing traditional stuff against the pocket-friendly rates. It possesses a wide array of shopping outlets as well as products at various prices. Right from accessories to clothing, you explore everything, so get ready to have an additional bag of stuff you shop here and beautify your wardrobe back-home. Among so many airline options, you should always opt for the FlyDubai, the reliable one, so acquire it with the FlyDubai promo code.

2-Day to Day Dubai

With amazing four different locations in the Old Dubai, this store is the leading one for exploring awesome deals and its karama’s branch is must-go for everyone. There, you get the perfect prices on each item and from clothing, makeup products to accessories, you explore all that can improve your look.

3-Karama Park

In this outstanding area with amazing green fields, you can have a nice family picnic where your kids can get a chance to play on a wide space. Moreover, you also find many different groups of friends enjoying there, so get there and relax yourself after exploring the city center of Dubai. Additionally, it is also the right place for a morning run and walk and enjoying the sunset scenes there is also very ideal thing.

4-BurJuman Mall

It is the oldest shopping mall and it has the current lifestyle, beauty and fashion items that you can get against reasonable rates, so visit this outstanding place and make your shopping more amazing. You also discover the top-class movie theatre, so acquire an opportunity of watching movies there. Yes, this stunning spot has the activities of every individual’s interest, so you shouldn’t ignore such a beautiful and worth-visiting mall.

5-Street Art

There is 18.B Street famous for hangouts and in the evening, you find a large number of people visiting it, so you should also have a plan of exploring it. The distinctive attribute of this place is the artwork on the buildings as well as shops making this street more artistic, so don’t wait to explore an impressive artwork in this beautiful spot.

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